Episode No. 9 | Creating Socially Conscious Businesses

How are women founders changing the way companies are run?

In episode 9 Karna and Brandi chat with Kara Wiegand, co-founder of Threads Worldwide, and Shannon Keith, founder and CEO of Sudara, two women on a mission to change the world through their businesses.

Some of the questions shaping this conversation:

  • What is socially conscious business and how can it change the world?
  • How are women rethinking leadership and power structures in business?
  • How does collaboration differ from competition?

After you dive in, tell us more about how you’re changing the world with how you engage with businesses.

Listen in…

Episode Hot Points:

  • Shannon talks about what social business is and how its shifting away from how it’s been traditionally done (2:15)
  • How a social business structure and the feminine changes the way Shannon operates her team (4:25)
  • Shannon talks about how her mission statement is integral on everything she does (6:15)
  • Embodying core values in business (8:30)
  • We discover what compassionate capitalism is (10:47)
  • Kara talks about how Threads allows people to be world changers (11:40)
  • Shannon talks about brand awareness and fan advocates and how it’s producing a sense of solidarity and sisterhood amongst women (14:09)
  • Frontiers in leadership and hows it’s changed (18:25)
  • Kara shares her idea of being an effective leader (19:15)
  • Kara and Shannon share their day to day practices to allow people to step into moments of leadership (24:30)
  • Shannon talks about how transparency and integrity is crucial to their value system (26:00)
  • We dive into the difference between competition and collaboration (31:00)
  • Shannon and Kara share their biggest growth points and challenges in business (37:48)


Memorable Quotes

Our economy is built on the backs of small businesses. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet As women, our liberation is tied up in one another. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet I shine my light and bring attention to the light that is shining through the people I am working with. Click To Tweet

Kara Wiegand founded Threads Worldwide with two friends, Lindsay and Angela. Threads partners with artisans around the world to create a growing market for their handmade goods. By partnering with artisan cooperatives and businesses, they create dignified jobs for women who need them.


Shannon Keith is an abolitionist, changemaker, wife, and mother of three. Twelve years ago, she left her successful corporate career to start Sudara, a thriving benefit corporation and lifestyle brand. Sudara’s products invest in job-creation programs and services to empower women in India who are at the highest risk or survivors of sex trafficking. More than a give-back model, her organization enables women to have freedom-filled choices for themselves and for their families.


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