Episode No. 7 | The Feminine in Business and Work

How can we step into the feminine?

In episode 7 Karna and Brandi begin Season 2’s exploration of what the feminine looks like both in the entrepreneurial world and in the corporate world.

Some of questions shaping this conversation:

  • What does the feminine really look like when compared to the masculine?
  • What is work-life balance and how do we begin to understand how to realign to our values?
  • Why are self-care and reflection such crucial parts of the feminine?
  • How are our superpowers or gifts connected to the feminine?

After you listen in, please share with us how the feminine shows up in your world and what sustainability looks like to you.

Let’s dive in…

Episode Hot Points:

  • We look again at what “feminine” means and how it’s different from “female”. (0:35)
  • Karna looks at what makes the feminine different from masculine in business. (1:57)
  • How cycles and cyclical behavior play into the feminine business structure. (4:24)
  • We see how we naturally are drawn to plan activities around cycles. (7:30)
  • An exploration of work-life balance as a process or an alignment rather than an achievement. (10:10)
  • We look at how pausing, reflection and self-care are key parts of the feminine, and what practices we can put into place to help us create that space. (13:34)
  • How our needs change over time and with natural cycles. (20:48)
  • We connect the feminine to working in our superpowers or genius zone. (22:01)
  • more coming soon!


Our Sponsor

Thank you to The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership for sponsoring Episode 7. We love The Gaia Project’s mission to cultivate leaders from the ground up to advance new models of leadership, and women’s leadership in particular, that allow all of us to share our gifts, grow the bottom line, and lead holistic lives in the process.

Join them for their 1st LIVE event, Gaia Women Lead, happening May 17th-19th in New York City. For more information and to grab your ticket, visit their website.

Memorable Quotes

Pausing and self-care allow us to realign. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet Plan self-care into your calendar. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet Recognize what creates the pause for you. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet Your gifts aren't what you do; they are part of who you are. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet

More coming soon!

Brandi and Karna are co-founders of The Next Leaders and committed to creating a space where we can rise together as leaders in our own right, use our voices, collect and combine in various ways into movements that together bring more beauty, love, and acceptance into this world.

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