Episode No. 6 | Integrating Season 1’s Lessons

How have you expanded?

In episode 6 Brandi and Karna sit down and take stock on what they have learned during this first season. It’s a exchange that touches on their past struggles, current breakthroughs, and insights on how we can be more of ourselves by honoring the masculine and feminine in all of us!

Some of questions shaping this conversation:

  • Does speaking about the masculine and feminine in these terms further separate us, or does it bring value?
  • After speaking about the masculine and feminine with different people and experts how have we been impacted personally?
  • Where does our true value lie?

After you listen in, we want to hear from you! What was your biggest aha-moment from season 1?

Let’s go!

Episode Hot Points:

  • Karna shares her thoughts on whether we should be having this conversation or if speaking about the masculine and feminine in these terms further separates us. (1:05)
  • Brandi talks about how to honor and play with these different energies in her life, allowing space for creativity and play, and to buckle down when she has to get sh*t done. (4:20)
  • Karna speaks about how her type A personality clashed with motherhood and how playing with her more feminine qualities has allowed her to have a better relationship with her daughter. (7:29)
  • Karna and Brandi explores the ways we are integrating all aspects of life: motherhood, work, relationships, play and how we’re changing from division of work and life to a more integrated model. (8:53)
  • Brandi speaks to her view about men and women coming to this conversation differently, realizing we’re all becoming more aware and asking new questions, no matter the gender. (11:11)
  • Karna joins the question and speak to that we all want to feel valued and the importance of elevating the value of what’s seen as traditionally feminine qualities. (12:42)
  • Karna shares her super powers that might not traditionally be seen as valuable. (15:32)
  • Brandi explains how to we use the Kolbe test in life and business and how it’s served her.
  • Brandi shares her super powers as a connector and future oriented visionary. (20:44)
  • Karna speaks about trust and how giving our gifts ends up serving a higher purpose and make impact. (23:25)


Memorable Quotes

I’m more of myself by allowing both my masculine and feminine qualities to shine. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet Today I take purposeful downtime. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet My true value is not tied to my productivity - it’s determined by who I AM. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet We’re participating in a paradigm shift through our personal journey. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet

Brandi and Karna are co-founders of The Next Leaders and committed to creating a space where we can rise together as leaders in our own right, use our voices, collect and combine in various ways into movements that together bring more beauty, love, and acceptance into this world.

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