Episode No. 12 | Lessons from Season 2

How can we integrate what we’ve learned of the feminine?

Karna and Brandi began Season 2 with an exploration of what the feminine looks like both in the entrepreneurial world and in the corporate world. In this episode, they reflect upon what they’ve learned, where challenges are arising, and what’s next for The Next Leaders.

Some of questions shaping this conversation:

  • What challenges do we encounter when integrating the feminine with the masculine?
  • How can we infuse the feminine into our goal setting?
  • What does the feminine look like in leadership?

After you listen in, please share with us your biggest a-ha moment of the season.

Let’s dive in…

Episode Hot Points:

  • We introduce our special show guest! (0:39)
  • Karna and Brandi discuss how the material has challenged them and impacted their lives. (1:37)
  • We look at our biggest “a-ha” moments of the season, including syncing with cyclical natures and the feminine and the power that the feminine brings. (7:43)
  • We dig into getting men involved and what the feminine version of visioning looks like and how we can integrate that with goal setting. (12:02)
  • Karna looks at how we need both structure and flow (16:30)
  • We reflect on what leadership looks like as it incorporates the feminine and the importance of being flexible and adaptable. (18:37)
  • We wrap with what’s next for The Next Leaders…


Memorable Quotes

There's a deeper level of caring for people when you use your 'no' rather than say 'yes' all the time. Click To Tweet When we truly embody the lessons the feminine teaches us, they take us on a journey. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet Working with the lunar cycles is like being in a dance with the universe. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet There is something innately powerful within women: the capacity to create life in so many different ways. Click To Tweet The dream isn't the end you're trying to reach. The dream is just the starting point. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet The goal, the dream emerges and morphs as we have better understanding. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet The future of leadership is uncertainty within certainty. #thenextleaders Click To Tweet

Brandi and Karna are co-founders of The Next Leaders and committed to creating a space where we can rise together as leaders in our own right, use our voices, collect and combine in various ways into movements that together bring more beauty, love, and acceptance into this world.

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