Episode No. 11 | How Astrology Can Supercharge Our Intuition

How can engaging with moon cycles supercharge our intuition?

In episode 11 Karna and Brandi speak with Jennifer Racioppi, a women’s health/success coach and astrologer. Jenn helps women reconnect with the cycles and rhythms of the moon and to deepen their intuition and connection to their own bodies. So often in business we focus on linear timeline, but looking at cyclical timelines instead may help us to see new aspects and opportunities that we may otherwise miss.

Some of the questions shaping this conversation:

  • How can astrology be used by entrepreneurs?
  • How does naturally engaging with the waxing and waning phases change our relationship to ourselves and to our lives?

Dive in…

Episode Hot Points:

  • Jennifer shares her story and how an unexpected twist when she was 19 years old led to her work with lunar cycles. (2:08)
  • Jenn explains how healing crises can become our greatest teachers, and we explore the ties among resilience, rising to our challenges, and astrology. (5:18)
  • Karna and Brandi dig into how astrology empowers people, and Jenn shares how it’s empowered her. (7:11)
  • Jennifer tells us how astrology helped with her former job in finance. (12:44)
  • Brandi asks how being in feminine energy might change us as women and leaders. (14:58)
  • We look at how using lunar cycles can reduce overwhelm and the need to get everything right all at once, and how our astrological charts can guide us. (19:11)
  • Karna shares how astrology has allowed her to feel seen and has allowed her to release judgment around her natural state. (21:31)
  • Jennifer tells us why she loves working with groups and how learning to work with the waxing and waning is powerful for women specifically. (22:20)
  • We get Jenn to talk about what she’s most excited about in the near future (and trust us, we’re planning to be involved in this). (25:43)


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Jennifer Racioppi is obsessed with astrology, business, and evidence-based science, particularly as it pertains to women’s health, success, and well-being. She has dedicated her life to helping women amplify their impact, maintain their health, and enjoy their lives. Her goal is to inspire her clients into action, help them hear the voice of their souls, own their super powers, heal their shadow, and honor their health as they move towards their most significant life goals.


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