We live in a world where harsh political, cultural, and ideological conflicts are more visible than ever before. The technology we have allows us to be daily witness to both the suffering and triumphs happening around us.

But we are ready for a more substantial shift.

We want to rise, to use our voices, to collect and combine in various ways into movements that together bring more beauty, love, and acceptance into this world.

For women particularly, the rise of the modern woman was marked by how masculine she could become – taking and seizing power, focusing energy on physical perfection and accumulating wealth and status.

Yet, our hearts yearn for more, for a merging of masculine and feminine dynamics that undoes the old paradigms to create new landscapes.

We want a plan to care for our earth in a sustainable way, rights and respect for all its inhabitants, a world where power, commerce, and community leadership are shared rather than hoarded by few.

And we start by standing and naming ourselves as leaders.

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